Solar Macs Limited is a leading global solar innovated organisation with technology partners around the globe, our motive is long term peace of mind for energy sustainability for our valuable clients with our highest concerns to help you remove your carbon print for future generations of our mother planet . We have a team of qualified trained technician and after sales department that happily contribute to growth our goal.

Solar Macs Limited is one of the leading manufacturer of renewable energy products in Zambia and offer a wide range of solar product which includes solar water heating systems (ETC & FPC), Off Grid Solar System, On Grid Solar System, Hybrid Solar Solar pumps, System, LED Solar Street lights, Solar Lantern, Solar Tubewell System for residential, institutional & commercial applications. Since the dawn of human civilization, man has harnessed power of the Sun for all his needs.

The mighty Sun has continually dawned inspiring ideas throughout human history. Solar energy is radiated energy from the Sun in the form of heat and light. It steers the climate and weather and supports all life on Earth.