Solar Charge Controller 40A – 60A (12V/24V Auto) and 40A – 60A (48V)

Product Features:

1. LCD Display of Solar System Data;

2. Settable Solar System Work Specification;

3. USB Output of 5V 3A (Only 12V/24V Model);


Model Battery Voltage Rated Charge / Discharge Current Maximum Solar Input Voltage Constant Charge Voltage Discharge Stop Voltage Discharge Resume Voltage Product Size
SSE1510 12V/24V Auto 40A <50 13.7V/27.4V (Settable) 10.7V/21.4V (Settable) 12.6V/25.2 (Settable) 188*130*50
SSE1520 12V/24V Auto 50A <50 13.7V/27.4V 10.7V/21.4V 12.6V/25.2 188*130*50
SSE1530 12V/24V Auto 60A <50 13.7V/27.4V 10.7V/21.4V 12.6V/25.2 188*130*50
SSE1530X 48V 40A <80 54.8V(Settable) 42.8V(Settable) 50.4V (Settable) 188*130*50
SSE1540X 48V 50A <80 54.8V(Settable) 42.8V(Settable) 50.4V (Settable) 188*130*50
SSE1550X 48V 60A <80 54.8V(Settable) 42.8V(Settable) 50.4V (Settable) 188*130*50


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