Poly-crystalline Solar Panel 24V 300W


  1. Poly-crystalline solar panel 24V 300W,
  2. Optimum operating voltage: 37.5V,
  3. Optimum Operating current: 8.01A,
  4. Size: 1950x990x40mm,
  5. Weight : 27Kg


Note: For purchase inquiries, please whatsApp: +260968845691

6 Replies to “Poly-crystalline Solar Panel 24V 300W”

  1. I need an hybrid inverter that can work properlly with this 24v 300w solar panel. How much can it cost and how do i get the items as iam not within Lusaka. Please in box me in my email address.

    1. Hello Mr. Kambole,
      We have 3kva Hybrid Inverter which is K6,500,
      2Kva Inverter which is K2,700
      and a 1kva inverter which is K2,000.
      Which one would you like?

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